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Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker


  • $ 179.95

Finally a way to bring back the taste of freshly baked homemade bread without the tiring process that comes with baking it. Baking the perfect loaf doesn't have to be a beating task now that this easy-to-use product has hit shelves. With an automatic yeast dispenser and 4 baking modes your bread will rise and bake with just a touch of a button leaving your afternoon free. Cleanup is even easier with the non-stick pan! Fill your kitchen with the familiar smell of fresh bread baking with Panasonic's Automatic Break Maker.

Microprocessor Controlled

  • Automatic Yeast Dispenser
  • 4 Baking Modes
  • 3 Loaf Sizes
  • 13-hour Timer
  • Non-stick Pan

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